Better Beginnings College is a Bilingual Pre-Primary school, and an English Lower Primary and Upper Primary Private School
why choose us

A bilingual Pre-Primary school (Pre-grade R, 3 years, to Grade R, 6 years)

An English Primary school (Grade 1 – 4 with an additional Grade added each year in order to complete with Grade 7 in 2023)

Most affordable education around

School hours are from 07:00 to 17:30 every weekday

Homework is included in the daily programme

Open during school holidays with full day care – December is the only holiday the school closes

High-quality education is ensured by low teacher-learner ratios

Unique proven syllabus ensures excellent standard of education

All stationary and books provided by the school 

School fees are only payable for 11 months of the year (January to November)