About Us

Parents’ frustration and concerns about issues in education were well known. The need for an alternative option to the known norm of schooling increasingly featured in conversations. 

The passion for education stirred the desire in me to do something, albeit on a small scale, to meet this need. Together with my two partners who share this passion, we managed enough funds to start Better Beginnings College in 2018, a school with a name that explains what we stand for. With a good, strong, solid foundation, any building stands strong. 

Even so, every child deserves a good foundation, a better beginning in his/her school career. Many learners, who are potentially very capable, sit in huge classes where they fall through the cracks for various reasons. Since it is physically impossible for one teacher to cater for the needs Of so many learners, gaps in some learners’ education develop. These gaps grow with time, resulting in poor grades, unhappy learners and individuals without self-confidence – Concern and Frustration for parents.


This tendency is not to be tolerated at Better Beginnings College. Small classes ensure that the individual needs of every learner are met. Our school is a happy, care-free safe haven where there is abundance of fun, joy, creativity, learning, attention, discipline and achievement. 

We stand for Christian values (although all religions and creeds are welcome) and good basic teaching methods, ensuring a high quality of numeracy and literacy, as well as good self-esteem. 

The cost-effective measures we have in place, suit the need of our parents, as does our kindness to the environment. At BBC we are a family with much sharing, love, caring, and growing together. Every day is a new opportunity to fill our hearts with gratitude for the opportunity to be part of this very special community which is Better Beginnings College.

A happy Education environment which caters for learners who do not reach their full potential in a large class setup for various reasons.

Meeting the individual needs of every learner, ensuring a solid literacy and numeracy basis in English and Afrikaans – a solid foundation for further studies and for life.

Guiding each learner through Christian values to glean integrity, to reach his/her full potential, and to become a fully rounded person.

Firm discipline (not strictness) and routine.

Keeping costs down for parents while still providing the best education money can buy.

Providing a service giving parents peace of mind regarding their children’s learning, homework, and social interaction.

A unique, systematic syllabus covering the basic CAPS requirements, adding remedial and enrichment components to enable our learners to excel.